The following are just a few examples of the hundreds of projects we have completed over the years. We are strongly committed to the confidential nature of the work we do with you. These are made available with the permission of the clients. 


Save Darfur

In March 2007, Crowley & Co. had the privilege of working with the Save Darfur Coalition. The result was the design and production of two graphics that illustrate the contribution US investments are making to the genocide in Sudan and a solution via a divestment strategy developed by the Sudan Divestment Task Force.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

In January 2007, Crowley & Co. worked virtually with an internationally distributed team from  UNDP in Bangkok to design a large mural for use in a poster session at a conference in Manila.


    Crowley & Co. has worked with NEHI (formerly the New England Healthcare Institute) twice to create a single mural depicting their vision, mission, goals and policy initiatives in a creative, easy to communicate format.


    In collaboration with Touchstone Consulting, we worked with the Department of Homeland Security to create a series of graphics that would communicate to a national audience the importance of interoperability among first responders and to explain why money alone is not enough.


    Deirdre Crowley partnered with Deloitte and the Ministry of Health of Tanzania to deliver a two-day strategic planning offsite and map the vision for the use of handheld mobile devices in contributing to the improved health of all Tanzanians.


    In partnership with SRA, the Joint Logistics Compass  was created as a tool to engage a broad range of stakeholders in the creation of a vision for joint logistics across all U.S. armed forces. 


    In December 2012 Crowley & Co. partnered with a team from Drexel University to create a vision of violence reduction for the City of Philadelphia created. 

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