Meeting Facilitation

We approach meetings in the same way we approach every design challenge - with passion, creativity, clear and consistent processes and visual tools. We'll work with you to define your meeting goals and craft an agenda to ensure you meet them. Whether you're interested in strategic planning, a brainstorming session or an organizational retreat our facilitators are skilled in tried and true methodologies that include the following (among many others): 

  • Certified Wiley DiSC Facilitators
  • Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model
  • Interactive Team Building and Experiential Learning
  • Kouses and Posner Leadership Practices
  • Organization Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) 
  • Strategic Visioning
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Following your meeting you will receive digital photos of every chart we've created. The PDF and JPG files you will receive will allow you to use them in print, PowerPoint or online formats to support ongoing, consistent communications and sharing of information.