Drawing People Out: the art of making meetings visible

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Looking to add graphic facilitation to your toolbox? Crowley & Company's core program, Drawing People Out: The Art of Making Meetings Visible, is a 2.5-day introduction to graphic facilitation that will open the door to increased innovation, creativity, efficiency and effectiveness for trainers, facilitators, project managers and anyone with an interest in running better meetings! 

People frequently ask if you need to have training as an artist to learn to be a graphic facilitator. The answer is no! The only prerequisites are a sense of curiosity, a willingness to try new things and a strong interest in helping groups become more creative, efficient and effective.

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 Just getting started!

Just getting started!


As a result of participating in this course you will be able to:

  • Make your meetings more effective, efficient and engaging through the use of visual tools
  • Learn to organize complex concepts in real time
  • Establish a foundation for leading strategic visioning sessions through the use of simple graphic frameworks
Crowley and Co.’s graphic facilitation workshop was the MOST useful training provided by my employer that I’ve ever taken. So often, training courses are filled with abstract theories or hypothetical situations, but I was able to directly apply the lessons and skills presented by Deirdre and Phil to my work as an instructor. My classrooms have come alive with the use of graphic facilitation—-spurring on more interest, engaging conversation and better memory retention from students. This was a great way to learn the basics and get started confidently!
Deirdre and Phil trained my entire team seven years ago. What we learned has been pivotal in organizing group thoughts, arriving at future directions, and more effectively communicating one’s ideas visually. They’re among the best and I would encourage all - regardless of profession - to get this training!
— Al Zelinka, FAICP, CMSM (Community Development Director at City of Riverside)


  • Simple techniques for transforming group process
  • Engaging, visual alternatives to PowerPoint
  • Routines you can practice right away to reinforce what you've learned and put you on a path towards proficiency
  • Hands-on opportunities to work individually, in pairs and with small groups to support a variety of learning styles
  • Case studies from public and private sector projects
  • Templates (pre-drawn visual frameworks) to support group process
  • Opportunities to apply what you're learning to a current project or initiative
  • Tricks-of-the-trade to instantly improve your flip charting skills
  • Strategies for engaging participants and moving discussions forward
  • Supportive, individualized coaching and feedback


Deirdre Crowley is the founder of Crowley & Co., a consultancy based in the Washington, DC area specializing in making the complex simple and supporting big picture thinking and problem solving through the use of facilitated, interactive discussions, graphic recording and visual tools. Prior to founding Crowley & Co. in 2004, Deirdre was a senior consultant for The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco. Together with the Grove Consultants International, she has been at the forefront of the visual practitioner movement in establishing the use of communication design techniques for complex problem solving. 

Deirdre's clients include Nike, Hilton Worldwide, Deloitte, Ford Motor Company,  The Nature Conservancy, the President's Cancer Panel and the United States Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Phil Kiracofe is the Founder of Gooseworks Consulting, LLC, an experiential training and development company based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Phil has designed and facilitated initiatives for hundreds of companies, schools, and organizations to strengthen teams, improve effectiveness and develop more productive work environments. His customers include the World Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, AARP, World Economic Forum, Teach for America, Ardmore Enterprises, and The Arc of Howard County.

Phil has been a consultant in the fields of experiential education and organizational development since 2001.  He brings a unique academic background of Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Kinesiology to his passion for experiential learning and group dynamics.  Phil believes strongly in an interactive and multi-faceted approach to learning and development and often utilizes visual facilitation techniques to complement presentation-based and experiential methodologies. 


Just call or send us an email if there is anything more you would like to know! We love talking about our workshops and we'd be happy to provide you with any additional information you need. You can reach us at (724) 484 7400 or via email at info@crowleyandco.us.

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