Graphic Recording

The role of the graphic recorder is to capture essential content during your meeting through the use of hand-drawn words and imagery. Graphic recording supports greater participant engagement, planning and understanding of complex content through the real-time synthesis of information. All the charts shown in this portfolio were done live during client meetings by Crowley & Co. associates. They are all four feet high.

Our team of recorders works with a basic set of materials that includes four-foot high butcher-block paper, markers and pastels. We start with either a blank sheet of paper or can work with you in advance of your meeting to create customized templates that will support and guide the conversation you want to have with your team. 

We are also trained in the use of The Grove Consultants International's Strategic Visioning templates. 

As you talk, we write and draw like crazy to capture the essence of what is said. All we need is a large, unobstructed wall space and we're ready to go!