Communication Design

The use of visual tools  - from large vision murals to small decks of cards you can easily fit in your briefcase - is a powerful means of supporting communication within your organization. Our network of graphic facilitators, illustrators and graphic designers are gifted in:

  • Combining complex concepts and strategy with imagery towards the creation of compelling, yet easy-to-navigate, visual tools
  • Mapping your story in a way that can be consistently shared with a broad set of stakeholders
  • Determining a process for rollout and communication
  • Working with you to define the outcomes that you expect to achieve as a result of our storymaps
  • Co-designing a project management gameplan to ensure the timely delivery of your communication tools while ensuring a collaborative and interactive design process along the way. 

(The History of Disruptive Innovations Timeline  was created by Jim Nuttle. The Georgetown University Agenda Map  was created by Joe Azar.) 

If you are interested in learning more about our visual approaches to communication please call us at +1 (724) 484 7400 or email us at